Asian Journal of Government Audit

April 2017


Mr. K.S. Subramanian Photo

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to bring out the third issue of ASOSAI e-journal (April, 2017). The theme of the current issue is “SAI and Stakeholder engagement”. As SAIs move towards enhancement of their effectiveness and strengthening of their role, increased engagement with stakeholders assumes greater importance. SAIs work in an environment where their work is subject of discussion not only by the audited agencies, legislatures and national governments but also by civil society groups, professional bodies, media and common people. Effective engagement with the stakeholders can facilitate better understanding of the audit work and also enhance the impact of audit.  SAIs of Iraq, India and Pakistan have contributed articles on the theme and have shared experiences of audit with various stakeholders in their respective countries. We hope that the articles in this issue will give some useful insights to our readers.
We are thankful to Dr. Madinah Binti Mohamad, Auditor General of Malaysia and the Chairman of ASOSAI, Mr. HWANG Chan-hyun, Chairman of Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea and Secretary General of ASOSAI for their regular columns. We thank all other SAIs who have contributed material for this issue.
We look forward to the continued support of our esteemed readers and their feedback to improve the quality of journal. You could contact us at and
I also take this opportunity to invite all the members to contribute articles for the next issue which will be on the theme “Role of SAIs in implementation of Sustainable Development Goals“.