From Secretary General of ASOSAI

From Secretary General of ASOSAI

Mr HWANG Chan-hyun, Secretary General of ASOSAI & Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea


The ASOSAI Secretariat performs diverse activities to support the member Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of ASOSAI, including follow-up on the decisions made at the 51st Governing Board Meeting of ASOSAI, as well as the implementation of the ASOSAI Strategic Plan. In relation to this, the Secretariat would like to share ASOSAI’s activities since the 51st Governing Board Meeting held in February 2017.

At the Governing Board Meeting, many important discussions took place other than regular reporting. In particular, the Governing Board decided to include programs related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the “Strategic Goal 2: Enhance Knowledge Sharing among Member SAIs” of its “ASOSAI Strategic Plan 2016-2021.” As an activity to implement this new program, the Capacity Development Administrator (SAI of Japan) received written approval from member SAIs after the Governing Board Meeting to include “Audit on Preparedness for Implementation of SDGs” into the theme of the upcoming ASOSAI Seminar. I would like to encourage your active participation in the Seminar, which will be held in Kuwait this December.

In addition, ASOSAI is continuously cooperating with other regional organizations. For instance, at its latest Governing Board Meeting, the Secretariat reported on the plans for the ASOSAI-EUROSAI Cooperation; in particular, the need to write a guideline for the ASOSAI-EUROSAI Joint Conference to make it more practical. Currently, as part of such efforts, the ASOSAI Secretariat is reviewing the first draft of the Terms of Reference (ToR) prepared by the EUROSAI Secretariat. We are also waiting for EUROSAI’s response to the suggestions our Governing Board had agreed to for the Joint Conference, as well as potential themes for the next Joint Conference. In regards to the 3rd ASOSAI-EUROSAI Conference, which was postponed due to the host country’s unavailability, its new date and location have not yet been decided. The Secretariat will inform the Governing Board and the member SAIs as soon as a decision is made.

Regarding cooperation with AFROSAI, with whom we signed a MOU at the 22nd INTOSAI Congress, the ASOSAI Secretariat delivered to the AFROSAI Secretariat our suggestions on what activities to conduct and what topics to discuss for ASOSAI-AFROSAI Cooperation. We will further discuss through formal discussion channels the methods and areas of cooperation to enhance the capacity and expertise of the member SAIs of both regional organizations. In this regard, your active participation in ASOSAI’s cooperative activities with other regional organizations will be much appreciated.
As you may know, the ASOSAI Assembly will be held next year. To increase interest among member SAIs and their level of participation at the Symposium (held alongside the Assembly), the Secretariat circulated recommendations for improving the Symposium and received suggestions from member countries. The Secretariat will consider your valuable suggestions to support the successful hosting of both the Assembly and the Symposium.

As part of the Strategic Plan to enhance knowledge sharing among member SAIs, the Secretariat asked for the opinions of member SAIs on the ASOSAI website. Many replied that although the current website successfully serves its role of providing information, more channels for communication and interaction between the member SAIs are needed. Accordingly, we plan to ask for member SAIs’ opinions on more specific plans for improvement. I would like to kindly ask for your active cooperation on this matter, so that we can advance the ASOSAI website to facilitate capacity development and knowledge sharing for the member SAIs.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the SAI of India for its hard work and dedication in facilitating communication between the member SAIs and external cooperation organizations through the ASOSAI e-journal. Thank you very much.



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