Asian Journal of Government Audit

April 2018



Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to bring out the fifth issue of ASOSAI e-journal (April 2018). The theme of the current issue is “Audit of Exploitation of Natural Resources”. The exploitation of natural resources refers to the use of these resources for economic growth, which is usually accompanied by environmental degradation. Due to the heavy demand for energy consumption throughout the world, the extraction of natural resources like oil, coal and gas has seen a rapid increase worldwide. The other natural resources which are being increasingly exploited by humans are subsoil minerals such as precious metals which are mainly used in the production of industrial commodities.  The degradation of forests in a terrestrial ecosystem and water pollution in an aquatic ecosystem due to excessive exploitation of natural resources is also a cause of worry. Due to continuous increase in the world population and rapid economic growth, the depletion of natural resources is posing an imminent threat to our very existence.

SAIs can play an important role in monitoring such degradation and depletion of natural resources by focusing on audit of exploitation of these resources. This may include audits of Government’s monitoring of compliance with environment and forest conservation laws. Such audits may check whether the Governments have enacted laws/rules in pursuance of their international commitments for protection and conservation of natural resources and heritage and whether such laws/rules are being complied with by the audited entities.

We are thankful to Dr. Madinah Mohamad, Auditor General of Malaysia and the Chairperson of ASOSAI and Mr. CHOE Jaehyeong, Chairman of Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea and Secretary General of ASOSAI for their regular columns. We thank all other SAIs who have contributed material for this issue.

We have included an article on INTOSAI Community Portal in the Journal. We request the readers for their support and encouragement in popularizing this portal among ASOSAI Community.

We look forward to the continued support of our esteemed readers and their feedback to improve the quality of the journal. You could contact us at and

I also take this opportunity to invite all the members to contribute articles for the next issue which will be on the theme “Audit of Disaster Management“.