70th INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting, Graz, Austria, 6-7 November, 2017

70th INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting, Graz, Austria, 6-7 November, 2017

More than 20 heads of SAIs and 33 delegations met in Graz, Austria, for the 70thINTOSAI Governing Board meeting on 6-7 November 2017.

Some of the important decisions taken by the Governing Board were as follows:

  • Adoption of the following main themes for INCOSAI XXIII in Moscow to be held in the fourth week of September 2019:
    • Theme I: “Information technologies for the development of the public administration” under the chairmanship of the SAI of China, and
    • Theme II: “The role of the Supreme Audit Institutions in the achievement of the national priorities and goals” under the chairmanship of the SAI of the Russian Federation;
  • Admittance of the SAI of Guam as Affiliate Member. INTOSAI has now 194 full Members, 5 Associate Members and 1 Affiliate Member;
  • Approval of the SAI of Brazil to host the INCOSAI XXIV in 2022;
  • Creation of a Task Force within the Governing Board for the Revision of three INTOSAI Handbooks (Handbooks for Committees, Governing Board Meetings and Congresses);
  • Approval of the revised Strategic Development Plan for the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP) 2017-2019;
  • Approval of the appointment of three new FIPP members from the SAIs of Bhutan, Costa Rica and Norway;
  • Creation of the INTOSAI Regions Cooperation Platform as a single point of control and cooperation regarding capacity building efforts;

Furthermore, the participants discussed in two breakaway sessions, the contribution of SAIs to the monitoring of the implementation of the SDGs as well as the development of the INTOSAI standard setting process.

The next INTOSAI Governing Board meeting will take place in Moscow in mid-November 2018.

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