Activities by State Bureau of Kuwait

Activities by State Bureau of Kuwait

  • The State Audit Bureau of Kuwait signed a new cooperation agreement with the National Audit Office of the Republic of Finland and renewed the cooperation agreement with the State Supreme Audit of the Republic of Albania.
  • The State Audit Bureau joined the INTOSAI Working Group on Big Data.

    Contributions to the ASOSAI Calendar 2017-18:

    The State Audit Bureau participated in the following international programmes:

  • 140th ITP on “Audit of e-Governance” during the period from January 8th to February 2nd 2018 in India;
  • 6th meeting of ASOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing and the 7th Seminar on “Environmental Auditing during the period from 29-31 January 2018 in Thailand.
  • 141st  ITP on “Environment Audit” held from 12 February to 9th March 2018 in India.
  • Capacity Development Program on IT Audit 2018-19.

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