ADB workshop held to strengthen SAI Myanmar

ADB workshop held to strengthen SAI Myanmar

The workshop on progress and field test of financial audit guidelines, one of the ongoing activities (Regional Capacity Development and Technical Assistance – R-CDTA) began in SAI Myanmar on 20th July 2016 and continued until 5th August 2016 together with training for field test using revised Financial Audit Guidelines.

The targeted outcome of that ADB technical assistance will be the quality of financial audit guidelines for SAI Myanmar improved to ISSAI level and this will significantly contribute in promoting and enhancing accountability and good governance of ADB funded projects.

The technical assistance was approved by the Asian Development Bank in December 2014 with funding from the Government of Japan’s Fund for Poverty Reduction.  The Supreme Audit Institutions of the Philippines, Vietnam, Lao PDR and Cambodia are also included in the R-CDTA project.



During the workshop, Technical Working Group members from SAI Myanmar and ADB team discussed issuing of ISSAIs based Financial and Compliance Audit Manual and Guidelines and ongoing matters regarding the R-CDTA project for the future. Moreover, ADB team gave lecture to the attendees so that Pre-Engagement, Planning, Field Work and Reporting which are the Field Audit Process can be conducted in line with ISSAI based Financial Audit Guidelines. Pilot Test on two ADB funded projects under the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, and Ministry of Construction was also conducted.

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