From the Desk of Secretary General

From Secretary General of ASOSAI

Mr. CHOE Jaehyeong, Secretary General of ASOSAI and Chairman of the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea


The year 2018 is when the 14th ASOSAI Assembly is going to be held and the SAI of Korea will complete its 9-year term as the Secretary General of ASOSAI. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the colleagues for their undivided support and cooperation to enable the SAI of Korea to play its role as the Secretary General in a successful manner.

After it took office as the ASOSAI Secretariat in the 11th ASOSAI Assembly in Pakistan in 2009, the SAI of Korea has renewed its term twice, and for the past 9 years it has made a ceaseless effort to achieve capacity development and knowledge sharing among ASOSAI members, and worked to develop ASOSAI into a model Regional Organization.

To this end, the Secretariat has improved the functions of the ASOSAI homepage in order to provide a platform for promoting communication and sharing knowledge and information among members. In particular, it installed the Community of Practices (CoPs) within the ASOSAI homepage to allow the participants in the ASOSAI capacity development programs, run by the Capacity Development Administrator (CDA), to more actively share information and opinions. The Secretariat has also converted the hard copies of past ASOSAI Assembly proceedings into soft copies and uploaded them for the members to access. Additionally, the Secretariat compiled not only ASOSAI governing rules, but also the ones related to the operation of Secretariat, making the “ASOSAI Regulation Handbook.” The Handbook was made available on the ASOSAI homepage so that the members can easily refer to precedents and relevant regulations. Furthermore, the Secretariat has laid the groundwork for developing into a model Regional Organization by improving and innovating operations of the Secretariat, including drawing up the ASOSAI Financial Rules and Accounting Policies for ASOSAI, innovating budgeting, and establishing selection procedures for ASOSAI posts.

Also, recognizing the need to ensure more structured and effective planning and management of the ASOSAI Strategic Plan, with an aim to support capacity development of the ASOSAI members and consolidate mutual cooperation, the ASOSAI Secretary General proposed forming a Task Force (TF) at the 46th ASOSAI Governing Board meeting in the Philippines in Feb. 2013. Then, the Secretariat hosted the meeting in Seoul in Nov. 2014 to discuss on drafting the ASOSAI Strategic Plan, and by reflecting the needs of member SAIs, the Task Force established the ASOSAI Strategic Plan 2016-2021 which presented the goals and future development direction of ASOSAI. The Secretariat has also supported the member SAIs in their commitment to the implementation of the Strategic Plan by establishing an Annual Operational Plan every year.

ASOSAI Secretariat has also actively communicated with the Secretariats of other Regional Organizations, and as a result of such efforts, signed the MoUs with EUROSAI and AFROSAI to promote inter-regional cooperation. Especially with EUROSAI, the Secretariats of both Regional Organizations jointly wrote the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Joint Conference, and the ToR, with the approvals from both Governing Boards, will be effective from the next Joint Conference to be held in Israel in Mar. 2019.

The SAI Korea will play its last role as the Secretariat at the upcoming Governing Board meetings and Assembly where we will have many important agenda items, including the approval for the next Secretary General and the host of the 15th Assembly, election of new Governing Board members, revision of the ASOSAI Charter and Regulations, etc. Also, the ASOSAI Symposium, to be held on the sidelines of the meetings, will be improved based on the ASOSAI Strategic Plan to encourage the participation of ASOSAI members. I would like to ask for your keen attention to making the Governing Board meetings, Assembly, and the Symposium a success.
Last, but not least, I would like to conclude my letter by extending my deepest gratitude to the SAI of India, Editor of ASOSAI e-Journal, for its contribution to promoting better communication and exchanges with ASOSAI member SAIs and other stakeholders. Thank you very much.