Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to bring out an October 2018 issue of the ASOSAI Journal on the theme “Audit of Disaster Management”.

Vulnerability to and impact of disasters can be mitigated by risk assessment, pre-disaster warning, hazard mapping and adequate preparedness through adequate and effective policies, institutional mechanisms and adequate financial resources. These pre-disaster activities complement post-disaster activities of emergency response, recovery and relief as well as restoration, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

The October 2018 issue contains the articles on Disaster Management shared by SAIs of China, India, Iran, Japan, Nepal and Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA).

We are thankful to Dr. Ho Duc Phoc, Chairman of ASOSAI and Auditor General of State Audit Office of Vietnam and Ms. Hu Zejun, Secretary General of ASOSAI and Auditor General of National Audit Office of the People’s Republic of China for their messages.

The theme for April 2019 issue of ASOSAI Journal is “Role of SAIs in Detecting Fraud and Corruption “ and for October 2019 issue is ‘’Big Data in Public Auditing”.

We look forward to the continued support and feedback of our esteemed readers to improve the quality of the journal. You could contact us at ir@cag.gov.in or asosai.journal@gmail.com.

(Praveen Kumar Tiwari)

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