INTOSAI Community Portal – SAI India

INTOSAI Community Portal – SAI India

The INTOSAI Committee on Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Services – Goal 3 (KSC) in collaboration with the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) has undertaken the task of revamping of the existing KSC-IDI community Portal. This new Portal consolidates the current KSC-IDI Community Portal, the website of KSC and the eleven working groups under KSC making it a single window for accessing information.

The idea is to make this Community Portal a central repository of information for INTOSAI. The Portal includes other useful features like Video Conferencing, Webinars, Blogs, Chat, Polls/survey, etc. The portal has been designed to provide for multilingual support in all INTOSAI languages. The portal also has potential for adding more dynamic features depending on the requirements of the users.

The Portal continues to support creation and hosting of Communities of Practice (CoPs). CoPs are closed groups to enable discussions and sharing of documents within the members of the group. Additional features have been added to the CoP to make it an easy to use and effective tool for sharing knowledge and experiences on specific subject matters. The CoP also incorporate features to maintain documents.

The Portal has a Digital Library wherein important documents relating to the INTOSAI Community can be easily accessed. The intention is to populate the Library with important standards, guidelines, best practice studies, handbooks, research papers and journals of INTOSAI and the regions, so that eventually it will turn out to be a single window of reference for the INTOSAI community.

In order to cater to the needs of the field practitioners of public auditing, an auditor centric approach has been adopted. A knowledge centre has been created to provide access to guidance, compendiums and best practices all around the world and a window for seeking answers on different areas of public auditing.

The vision of KSC and IDI was to make this portal a forum of regular interaction and discussion. The portal is currently under testing phases and can be accesses at or

The success of the portal is in its liveliness. Therefore, your patronage will be crucial to the success of this innovative endeavor. Your support and encouragement will go a long way in popularizing this portal among INTOSAI Community.

The technical infrastructure and support for this portal is provided by the KSC Secretariat. Suggestions on improvement of portal are welcome and may be sent to

Come lets us use the Portal to the maximum of its capacity and make INTOSAI a vibrant community!

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