Message from Chairman of ASOSAI

Message from Chairman of ASOSAI

Dr. Ho Duc Phoc
Chairman of ASOSAI and Auditor General of State Audit Office of Vietnam

Greetings to all readers!

First of all, I would like to express a high appreciation to SAI of India for their great effort and contribution to the development of ASOSAI Journal, as well as a warm congratulation to their renewal to continue to serve as the Chairman of Board of Editors of ASOSAI Journal for the next term 2021-2024.

With objectives of advancing the quality and disseminating best practices in the field of public audit, ASOSAI Journal has been covered audit themes in depth and comprehensively by analysis looking at different aspects of the issue. This issue of the ASOSAI e-journal theme is about “Audit of Disaster Management”, which is in connection with the theme of the 14th ASOSAI Assembly.

As an active regional working group of INTOSAI, ASOSAI understands that implementing sustainable development goals (SDGs) and addressing global environmental threats need to be dealt with among ASOSAI community, especially, nowadays, the emerging challenges in the process of globalization and climate change, we respect and follow common commitments of how INTOSAI can contribute to the United Nations towards 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In specific, environmental issues for sustainable development have been remaining as a top concern and challenges to human community across the world.

The theme of “Audit of disaster management” also poses ASOSAI members’ uttmost effort in pursuing and actualizing our common commitments stated in the Hanoi Declaration which emphasizes on environmental auditing for sustainable development in the coming period.

I, therefore, believe that the theme “Audit of Disaster Management” is an urgent call for attention and action of ASOSAI members to find practical and effective solutions to conduct audits on environmental issues, and to contribute to the achievement of SDGs at national, regional and international levels.

On this note, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my deep appreciation to the Chair of ASOSAI Working Group on Environmental Audit (WGEA), SAI of China, who has been actively advocating and promoting the activity of environmental audit among SAI members. In moving forward, I long for greater cooperation and collaboration among all SAI members to ensure the success of ASOSAI’s activity in general and environment audit for sustainable development in specific.
I hope this e-Journal issue will give a greater insight and perspectives on auditing of disaster management.

Finally, I would like to send the New Year greetings to the year of 2019 to all readers. I wish you a new year of health, happiness and success.


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