Madame Hu Zejun, Secretary General of ASOSAI and Auditor General of National Audit Office of the People’s Republic of China

The14th Assembly of ASOSAI was a very successful and meaningful event that has built a consensus among all member SAIs and produced fruitful results. First, the meeting was a major turning point, at which Auditor General of Vietnam and Auditor General of China took over as Chairman and Secretary General of ASOSAI respectively, and new Governing Board members and Audit Committee members were elected. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all colleagues from ASOSAI, for your trust and support on my election as Secretary General. Second, the Assembly was future-oriented, during which the Hanoi Declaration was approved to reflect the commitments and actions of member SAIs and provide direction for the development of ASOSAI. Also, halfway through the ASOSAI Strategic Plan for 2016-2021, the meeting discussed the implementation and evaluation of the Strategic Plan, to refine the development paths and guidelines. Third, with the aim to improve the management mechanism of ASOSAI, the amendment of the ASOSAI Charter, the ASOSAI Rules and Regulations and the Established Selection Procedures for ASOSAI was approved at the meeting, which provided timely solutions to the new problems and situation faced by ASOSAI in terms of system construction.

The 7th Symposium was successfully held with the theme: Environmental Auditing for Sustainable Development. Member SAIs exchanged relevant knowledge and experiences to showcase the Asian auditing community’s commitments and efforts to the issue. External experts from many institutions shared up-to-date technologies and information about environmental auditing in this regard. The meeting clearly stated that, environmental protection was essential to sustainable development, and environmental auditing would make a greater contribution to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Based on the achievements of the 7th Symposium, ASOSAI Secretariat has been making efforts to build platforms and take methods to enhance research, collect experiences, and encourage innovative practices on relevant issues, in order to achieve concrete results.

Faced with a rapidly changing world, ASOSAI needs to identify challenges and opportunities, and to adopt continuous self-reform and innovation alongside development. I will work with all member SAIs to make an effective contribution to the continuous development of ASOSAI, particularly in the following areas:

(a) Based on the concept of respect with extensive cooperation and joint contribution, ASOSAI shall continuously improve its governance, enhance cooperation among members and stakeholders, to make ASOSAI continue to be a model organization and play a more significant role in the international community.

(b) For the purpose of capacity-building of member SAIs, ASOSAI shall proactively carry out a variety of methods to enhance the abilities of SAIs and auditors, particularly aiming at young people and mastery of new technical approaches.

(c) In order to upgrade service capabilities of member SAIs for the sustainable development, ASOSAI shall focus on SDGs in the development of ASOSAI, and help member SAIs play an increasingly important role in social, economic development of respective states through achieving the SDGs.

Working together, we can build a better future for ASOSAI.

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