The 50th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting Chiang Mai, Thailand, 15-16 Feb. 2016

The 50th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting Chiang Mai, Thailand, 15-16 Feb. 2016


The 50th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting (GBM) was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on 15-16 February, 2016. 64 delegates from Governing Board and Audit Committee member SAIs, Observers, and other invited organizations, including Canadian Comprehensive Audit Foundation (CCAF~FCVI Inc.) and UN Women participated in the meeting and discussed key agendas of the ASOSAI.

This GBM, hosted by the Office of the Auditor General of Thailand, accepted and approved the reports on the ASOSAI financial statement for FY 2015, formulation of the multi-year budget plan for 2017-2019, capacity development activities, and the publication of the ASOSAI Journal.

Along with the aforementioned regular agenda, the GBM also discussed the issues of  working on draft annual operational plans for the implementation of the ASOSAI Strategic Plan for 2016-2021 and preparation of a regional report for the 22nd INCOSAI 2016:

The GBM also approved grant of a stable status of ex-officio membership to the editor of ASOSAI Journal, the SAI of India, to the extent of not taking up the existing share of elected members. The editor of ASOSAI Journal would be counted as the 12th GB member.

Further, Secretariat also made suggestions to improve the existing selection procedure for the Governing Board and the Audit Committee.  The GB members also agreed to the suggestion of the EUROSAI to widen the participation scope to all members of both INTOSAI regional working groups. The 3rd ASOSAI-EUROSAI Joint Conference will be held in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2017.

The 51st GBM will be hosted by the  Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia on 13-14 February 2017, in Bali, Indonesia. For details of each agenda for the GBM, please refer to the relevant meeting materials posted by the Secretariat on the ASOSAI Website ( under the menu of “Activities” or contact the Secretariat (


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